Size Acceptance isn’t about “giving up” on health


I think a lot of people have this false idea about fat activists (and those in the size acceptance movement) that we’ve just “given up” on being healthy. It’s certainly the reaction that my family had when I had told them about the fact that I was no longer going to be dieting and no longer trying to lose weight. I may as well have told them I was planning on committing suicide, by the reaction I got in response. The sad thing is, I eat healthier than almost everyone else in my family, and yet as far as most of my family is concerned me “not dieting” and “not trying to lose weight”, in their heads, means I’m eating nothing but junk food, sitting on my ass all day, and just “giving up”.

The funny thing is, once I stopped fighting my body, I’ve felt sooo much better physically and mentally. Before I used to “punish” my body, exercise was PAIN and hellish. Now it’s fun and makes me feel so good. Eating healthy was deprivation and miserable, now it’s YUMMY and helps my body to feel good.

One of the saddest things about the western mentality about “eating healthy”, is that it has to be an unpleasant thing. The idea that eating healthy is nothing but raw lettuce, raw carrots, etc. And that’s such BS. Dishes that are healthy can taste so yummy. Eating healthy can be SUCH A PLEASURE! Not a deprivation.

I know I still have a lot to learn about my body, about my health, and about being a fat activist (even years after first hearing about and learning about Size Acceptance, I probably will always be ever learning and ever evolving). But now that I’ve stopped declaring war on my fat and my body, I get to wake up every day happier and healthier than ever. I feel so much better, physically and mentally, now that I’m exercising for the joy of it, eating intuitively, and being kinder and gentler toward myself and my body.  The HAES movement and the wonderful Size Acceptance and Fat Activist bloggers have really helped to changed my life for the better. And for that, I am eternally grateful!