My name is Stacy. I’m just a fat female who is fed up with fat bigotry and fat hate in our Fat Phobic Culture.

Every day I wake up and give myself permission to be who I am, to love who I am, and to live in my body unashamed. Every day I have to spend sanity points living in a society that has declared war on me (the war on “obesity” is a war against fat people – my body is not a disease, it is not a mistake, malfunction, or a problem). I will not be ashamed of or apologize for having the body that I have. I will not let anyone, ever again, make me feel inferior or less than because of the size my body.

My goal in this beautiful life Iā€™ve been given is to be Fat ā€“ Out Loud. To be a fat person- unapologetic and unashamed for having the body that I have. To hold my head high. To look strangers in the eye and smile (or not smile, depending on how I feel). And to be happy and live harmoniously with myself ā€“ body, mind, and spirit. I will be who I am and not apologize for it. My goal today, and this day forward, is to be Fat Out Loud.


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