Living as a Fat Person – Out Loud

This blog is inspired by Kath ( and Ragen ( I have learned a lot from them. And though I’m still on a journey to 100% self acceptance, I’m closer now than I’ve ever been. It feels good to like myself, and more so considering it’s against all odds. Living in a society and culture that trains fat people to hate ourselves, and worse, trains everyone else to hate us too, is a daily struggle.  This blog is my place to talk about that, but more than that, it’s a place for me to talk about anything and everything that concerns me as a fat person in today’s fat-phobic society.

My goal in this beautiful life I’ve been given is to be Fat – Out Loud. To be a fat person- unapologetic and unashamed for having the body that I have. To hold my head high. To look strangers in the eye and smile (or not smile, depending on how I feel). And to be happy and live harmoniously with myself – body, mind, and spirit. I will be who I am and not apologize for it. My goal today, and this day forward, is to be Fat Out Loud.




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